Sunday, July 14, 2013

The well-rounded jobseeker

Flesh and Stone,* Mark Roland 

When I was a young lass, still developing a passion for dead leaves, I made a list of accomplishments I wanted to acquire by the time I grew up. I still have it, somewhere--but near as I can remember, they were:

Play the piano (Beth March, Little Women).

Make skilled but strange drawings that reflect my original mind (Jane Eyre).

Experience a mystical friendship with a horse (Ken McLaughlin, My Friend Flicka, and Alec Ramsey, The Black Stallion, et al).**

Write sonnets. Sing like a thrush. Speak and read Latin. Live in a castle. Be handy with an embroidery needle and a calligraphy quill.

(Later, I mentally added to the list, "Learn to read tarot cards, speak Welsh, identify birds and bellydance with finger cymbals.")

Some of those things I learned how to do and others, I did not. But the larger goal was to be a well-rounded and educated person, in my own idiosyncratic, Renaissance Woman sort of way.

Transition, Mark Roland

College opened wide the doors to the humanities, and I fell in love. My hungry mind ate it up--seeing into the Zeitgeist of different eras and how this was reflected in art, architecture, music, poetry, literature, theater, history, politics, languages, discoveries, social movements and philosophy--both within a given period and between the periods themselves, plus across many cultures. Like an epic story, with dozens of seemingly disparate threads, which would suddenly resolve into a sudden, dazzling whole blazing with meaning; making sense of what you'd thought a shapeless mass of facts, a hopeless muddle.

Guardian, Mark Roland

Learning how to be a good and compassionate person, how to be present and kind to yourself, have a positive impact on your community (or even among your own family), how to love people as fully and as well as they deserve...learning to listen to the voice of your own inner guidance, so you can fulfill your unique purpose and do the work only you can do...this course of study is daily, lifelong and replete with worthy challenges.

Yet, the world of employment is so rarely aligned with the quest for fulfillment, meaning, personal integrity, challenges worthy of our mettle, or with using our full and unique array of talents.

It's like, World of Work isn't all that interested in Compleat Carmine. It wants a person to fit into its bullet-pointed, job-shaped space, rather than accommodating itself to a messy, actual-person-sized shape. With its many evaluations, requirements and inflexibilities, World of Work, ipso facto, can't help but be reductionist and sort of a dehumanizing jackass at times. As Robert A. Heinlein said, "Specialization is for insects."

Hence, job hunting? Thorny. Ambivalent. Would Rather Be Reading.

Incantation, Mark Roland

Nonetheless, there are new washer/dryers to be paid for and cat food to buy, so here is my wish plea, incantation, prayer, affirmation, and callout.

Dear Multiverse (and Self),

Please help me to find a Carmine-shaped job where I can:

  • Work with like-minded colleagues
  • Be excited about the work I do every day
  • See that what I do is having a direct positive impact on the world
  • Be valued and accepted for who I am

Kind Regards,


P.S.: Plus, lots of windows and at least one cat on the premises would be appreciated.

Threshold, Mark Roland

*I got this gorgeous print of an intaglio etching, part of Mark Roland's Enchanted Forest series, at the CONvergence Art Show last weekend.
**As I was digging for this list in the "treasure chest" where I keep old things I've drawn or written, I found a packet of horse drawings made on the backs of old spelling tests and mimeographed questionnaires (no scanner, or I'd share). All carefully dated, all documenting the height of my horse craziness. Awesome job, 11-year-old self! I hope girls still draw pictures of horses.


  1. May a job that is absolutely PURRRfect (cat on premises) for you find you. May it be beyond your wildest dreams the happiest, kindest people to work for and with. May you be paid what you are worth AND a little more. So be it!

    1. Bless you for using your envisioning and invoking powers, Valerianna. There is a place for me, I just need to cast my net wider and deeper. >^..^<

  2. Oh, I send you blessings on your job journey! I am continuing mine. One of my main hurdles has been the World of Work and its expectations of me, speaking to me through certain loved ones. I know they mean well, and they very way may thing I'm a brat for not settling for the first job offer I've come across (in insurance of all things!), or the second or third, because I'm no longer willing to let my time be used for second-rate experiences. This is the main thing I've learned from my previous jobs. Whether it is the work, the people, the atmosphere, or a collection of all three- I want to enjoy myself, be comfortable, feel safe. This may make me picky, but I don't care. I believe my time is valuable, worthy of more than what I can settle for quickly and easily. Thus the search continues...

  3. Blogger has eaten my formal, very long comment. Oh dear!!
    Let me just say, for now, I wish you all the blessings in your journey, Carmine. I hope all the things you want come to you easily and quickly with regards to a job and anything else.


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