Sunday, April 13, 2014


I haven't had words to say lately. Not that I wanted to release to the world. Just uncertainties and a heavy inertia. Layers of cloud now and then lit up by chasing beams of light that fade as quickly as they come. 

Sun Kil Moon's music puts sound to this clouded and cold Midwestern sky. The dull light, empty fields, crumbling roads, broken glass underfoot become beautiful in their emptiness. Heart-hypnotizing Great Lake hymns like the sound of silent sunlight flickering on a wall. Sadness enveloping joy, bare branches trying to flower. 

Like something inside of me right now.   

Graving dreams
A million miles ago you seem
A star that I just don't see

Words long gone
Lost on journeys we walked on
Lost are voices heard 
Along the way

- Mark Kozelek

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