Monday, March 11, 2013

Open to receive

It feels as if I'm on the receiving end of a massive download from the universe these days. Since one of the mottos I chose for the year is "Listen and receive," it's exciting that there are so many things worth opening to coming my way and recolonizing my brain. However, it is a bit overwhelming when it comes to thinking of how to blog about it. Hence my lack of posts. Right now, it's all about the input, not the output.

Buckets of juicy, nurturing ideas from my fellow humans are raining down on this receptive ground. It's all "in the field," the collective unconscious, whatever you want to call it...many of us are on the brink of something, a change in the paradigm of "civilization" that I hope is sweeping over vast swaths of humanity like a wind over wild prairie grasses. Do you feel it? It's like we, the collective we, are breaking down to break through. 

Here’s some of what’s been crossing my field of consciousness lately: What the Bleep Do We Know. The growing tribe of Wayfinders described by Martha Beck. ShamanTube. Words from the Dalai Lama and other peoples from centuries-old wisdom traditions that the West has historically dismissed and discounted. Mythic art creators. Ethicists of the Wild. Land healers. Tiny house builders. TED talkers of all stripes, from street artists to MDs who want to heal the western paradigm of medicine. Writers like Terry Tempest Williams, whose reading I’m attending tonight. Whole governments! And yes, even humble bloggers. Menders and visionaries all.

The common messages are:
  • Our separateness is an illusion; one which has resulted in many grievous consequences for humanity, other animals and our home planet. 
  • Everything, everything is one.
  • We are part of nature, and nature is part of us.
  • So many of our assumptions about ourselves and what we think of as "reality" are very limited, if not just plain wrong.
  • We can and do affect material reality with our thoughts and emotional responses to other people and the world around us.
  • We have much more power to change reality and hence, our world, than we imagine.

These are messages of hope. Time for a spiritual uplevel, humanity! Grassroots style: one small person at a time. 


  1. Oh, Carmine, this is so beautiful and so eloquently expressed. I feel exactly what you're talking about, too... I am also receiving amazing, synchronistic messages in my own current 'tween state of unemployment and moves. It's an amazing, exciting, beautiful and scary time, isn't it? And those links you've put up are all so powerful! Thank you for sharing. Sending blessings.

  2. We are definitely part of the same tribe, Raquel.:) It does feel as if vast opportunities are unfolding, and I am the only one limiting myself from evolving into them; so it is merely (ha) a matter of rewiring old ways of thinking and being as I bounce happily from "hot track" to hot track. In hopes of understanding and experiencing the world in a deeper way. I am so glad we are witnessing and getting inspired by each other's journeys!


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